Want to build or scale your Spiritual Entrepreneur business to six or seven figures, guaranteed?


To help Spiritual Entrepreneurs generate one hundred thousand dollars USD in Sales through creating a Medium or High Ticket Program and hosting live experiences, which allows them to gain personal freedom and a better life.

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The world needs you

Spiritual Entrepreneur Enterprises is on a mission: to empower 1000+ Spiritual Entrepreneurs to Thrive on all levels, including financially to six and seven figures, by 2025

Six Figure Spiritual Entrepreneur Program™ Ikigai Daniel Aaron

Our Founder - Daniel Aaron

Meet Daniel

Spiritual Entrepreneurs hire Daniel to help them generate six figures of new or additional income within 12 months, guaranteed!

Because, most Spiritual Entrepreneurs have big visions and potential, yet often lack the financial and business skills to survive or thrive. 

So Daniel helps them overcome imposter syndrome, creating congruence and confidence to realize and monetize their value. 

Bottom line – we need Spirit-driven Entrepreneurs to transform our world, and they need to be thriving on all levels. 

Daniel’s the author of the newly released The Art of Spiritual Leadership: 40 Laws to Transform Your Life (and the World). He’s a spiritual teacher, author, entrepreneur, yogi, investor, and father–Daniel Aaron has devoted his life to understanding the human patterns that create suffering and how to change them. Through trainings, transformational events, and private coaching, he has led thousands of people to live brighter, more fulfilled lives. He teaches at Omega and Esalen Institutes and founded the internationally recognized Radiantly Alive Center in Bali.

My best way of helping you

First, we find, design and build your Medium or High Ticket Program. Then you are trained to create your Spiritual Entrepreneur Organic Messaging system designed specifically for the people you can serve best. We then find and build your winning team to run the business side of things. Then you launch your customized event, whether it’s a virtual summit, spiritual retreat, or challenge. Then you optimize your Systems and empower your Team while you leverage your best assets to create more momentum. And finally you let go and let your team rock your  Congruent Client Attraction System so you can scale to six figures while doing the work you love.

Our Five Stages to your 

Six Figure Spiritual Entrepreneur Business

Stage One: Your “More Profit & More Life” Roadmap

In Stage One, we help you develop your Strategy of Preeminence, including your Dream Client Profile and your Medium or High Ticket Program offer. We help you develop your One Page Business Plan. Then finally we teach you how to manage and deliver your Program to your Clients.

You complete Stage One when you have your More Profit and More Life Roadmap™, which documents these strategies and how you will deliver upon them.

Stage One Finish Line: You have completed your More Profit & More Life Roadmap™ and developed your Medium or High Ticket Program.

Stage One Prize: You are confident that you can add a Six Figure income stream in the next 12 months and know where you are going to start.

Stage Two: Message to Market Fit

In Stage Two, we teach you how to create your Spiritual Entrepreneur Organic Messaging System and begin to implement the More Profit and More Life Roadmap™ built in Stage One.

To do this, we teach you how to build your authority positioning and profile online across multiple platforms. You begin or continue to generate a tribe of raving fans and dial in the challenges and desires of your Dream Clients so you know what content to create to attract and serve them.

We work with you to fill your Founders’ Circle of your new or improved Medium or High Ticket Offer, thereby enabling you to self finance your growth.

Stage Two Finish Line: You have nailed your Message to Market Fit, implemented the Spiritual Entrepreneur Organic Messaging System and generated twenty five thousand dollars in new Sales.

Stage Two Prize: You have generated twenty five thousand dollars in Sales from your Medium or High Ticket Program and are able to self-fund your growth. 

Six Figure Spiritual Entrepreneur Program™ Daniel Aaron
Six Figure Spiritual Entrepreneur Program™

Stage Three: Monetize your Mission

Now that you have launched your Founders’ Circle, it’s time to scale your Congruent Client Attraction activities.

We help you select the top event strategy best suited to giving great value as well as attracting your ideal clients to your particular Program, then create the Congruent Client Attraction Tools and execute them to create a steady stream of quality Dream Clients reaching out to do business with you.

The focus will be on profitable, sustainable, and scalable client attraction strategies. We call these Impact & Income Super Strategies.

To do that, we help you get up and running quickly by taking on the burden of setting up your event technology and pre-populating it with content and design templates, so you only need to edit, not create these systems.

We also provide you with Transformational-Sales Training and Mentorship, including Group Coaching calls so you can hone your skills and improve. We want you to be working with other Spiritual Entrepreneurs, so after you have filled your Founders’ Circle, you will join the Six Figure Spiritual Entrepreneur Mastermind™ where you’ll connect and network with those who can help you grow your business faster, overcome obstacles, and learn from the collective wisdom of the Mastermind.

Stage Three Finish Line: You have run your first Virtual Summit, a Spiritual Retreat (In-person or Virtual) or a Five Day Challenge and sell your first five Medium or High Ticket Programs off the back end.

Stage Three Prize: You have finally cracked the code to profitable, sustainable & scalable lead generation and conversion.

Stage Four: Empowered Team

In Stage Four, you take the Systems we have implemented in Stage Three and you empower “Systems Champions” to run and continually improve them.

This way, you can grow your business with a systematic approach that doesn’t rely on hustle and grind.

Stage Four Finish Line: You have dialed in your Congruent Client Attraction System Processes and empowered Systems Champions to run these for you ongoing. We will teach you how to identify great team members, hire them, and how to train them. 

Stage Four Prize: You confidently can take seven days off in a row, without checking in to the “office” even once.

Six Figure Spiritual Entrepreneur Program™ Daniel Aaron Breath yoga coach
Six Figure Spiritual Entrepreneur Program™

Stage Five: Scale To Six Figures

In Stage Five, we teach you how to grow into a six figure business that can continue to blossom and thrive beyond this Program.

To do this, we will help you identify your Eight Critical Success Factors. Then we will coach you to create a repeatable system to ensure that each of those Critical Success Factors are consistently met or exceeded. This will allow that any and all of your team can get consistent, predictable results as well, not just you.

Stage Five Finish Line: You have earned One Hundred Thousand Dollars in New Sales.

Stage Five Prize: You have earned One Hundred Thousand Dollars in Sales and your Impact & Income are growing in harmony.

If you're ready to build, run and scale the business of your dreams that realizes and monetizes your true gifts, let's talk.

The Six Figure Spiritual Entrepreneur Program™ is not for everyone. That said, if you're ready to see if this is the right model and the right way, let's chat. Grab a time here:

We are different

Love to, but don't have enough money?

Never let lack of cash flow today prevent you from the cash flow you desire.

If you're a good fit for this Program, we'll help you raise the money you need.

Daniel's helped hundreds of entrepreneurs do that over the last 25 years, and he can help you. Here's an overview of three ways:

• US Small Business Administration
Right now banks and the SBA are keen to help out.

• Personal Financing

Most people qualify for personal/business loans through our trusted partners. You can find out with only a soft credit check.

• Raising Capital from Your Circle of Influence

The easiest and simplest way. We've helped hundreds raise capital for the business of their dreams,

Here's a small sample of what people say about working with me

Zack Horrell

Entrepreneur - New Zealand

Daniel has a true wealth of knowledge and experience and he combines it in such a way to create supercharged, action-packed transformation.

Sarah Sandkuhl

Yoga Teacher - Columbia, MO

Daniel is committed to bringing the best out of everyone. He knows this is possible before many of us do.

Richard Mann

Author - U.K.

Listening to Daniel Aaron’s account of his years of searching and self-discovery is a little like following the story of the early wanderings of Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha.


Yoga Teacher - Columbia, MO

It was a life changing experience for me. My days are so much richer now than before.


Designer - London

Daniel is real, full of humanity, relatable and grounded in reality, essential qualities for any great teacher. Daniel has suffered himself, experienced tragedy and consequently has spent much of his life as a true spiritual adventurer, often experimenting on himself, searching for ever deeper knowledge of the secrets of transformational spiritual alchemy and has a passion to help us all alleviate personal suffering and be the best we can be in happiness, health and spiritual freedom.

Daniel is spiritually pragmatic and focuses on what he has found to truly work from a wealth and full rainbow spectrum of learning and integration of many of the "arts of transformation" he has studied and mastered.